Vitamin Supplement

Biotin also know as vitamin H and vitamin B7 improves the basic protein that makes up hair, skin & nails, the basic protein is known as keratin.

People with brittle hair and hair loss may have a biotin deficiency. Having a Biotin injection has shown an increase in hair growth, hair structure and hair thickness as well as a decrease in hair loss.

Other benefits include:

  • Aid in healthy sweat glands 

  • Improves acne and eczema 

  • Strengthen hair & nails

  • Aid in preventing hair loss

  • Nerve tissue and bone marrow

  • Improves blood glucose 

Biotin injections can be taken every 4-6 weeks

Cost per injection £30


Vitamin Supplement

Vitamin B12 is an essential compound that we get from animal based food products that maintain the function of the brain, nervous system and producing red blood cells. Low levels of B12 can lead the body to express symptoms of tiredness, fatigue, poor memory and concentration.

As the vitamin is a a water soluble it quickly leaves the body in our urine via our kidneys, meaning that we need regular amounts of it.

Vitamin B12 supplementation is essential for those following a plant based diet as the vitamin is found naturally in meat, poultry, eggs and milk.

Benefits of of having the B12 Injection:

  • Increased Energy & Balance 

  • Better Mood

  • Deeper Sleep

  • Higher Metabolism 

  • Mental Clarity 

  • Weight Loss

  • Balanced Immune System 

B12 injections can be taken every 4-6 weeks.

Cost per injection is £25

Course of 3 £60